Weigh-In Wednesday (grrrr)


OK, so happy Wednesday, everyone! Well, kinda happy. I am running, I am eating better, and this week we have another stall:

Height: 5’7″
SW: 174
Last Week: 167
This week: 167
Change: 0
Total Loss: -7
So, as I do for many other issues in life, I Googled it. I came across an interesting article at Outside magazine on not eating enough while working out, and how your body can prevent you from losing weight to protect you from starving… interesting….
Help someone else fitness in:

3 thoughts on “Weigh-In Wednesday (grrrr)

  1. You’re running and eating better which means you’re doing great things for your body… don’t for one second get down about what that scale says! Be proud of yourself for the healthy things you’re doing… the scale will catch up! Hope you have a great week ahead!

    • healeymeredith@gmail.com

      Thank you Erin for your encouragement! You’re right – I should really focus on the positive…

  2. Well, hopefully you are not starving yourself! 🙂 And you know, some week’s it just doesn’t budge. I know, it still doesn’t feel very satisfying when you have been doing well! I get very frustrated myself! But just keep on keepin’ on!

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