I’ve got good news, and bad news

Okay, so the good news is that the scale needle is moving again, thank goodness:

Height: 5’7″
SW: 174
Last Week: 167
This week: 163
Change: -4
Total Loss: -11
And then the kinda-bad news…
I have had pain in my right hip for a couple of years. I have tried literally everything possible to treat this pain, from ice to massage to new mattresses to anti-inflammatories. One doctor diagnosed me with arthritis, but my pain management doc wasn’t convinced. Finally, I had an MRI done a couple of weeks ago.
I have a torn gluteus medius muscle, and the severity of this tear is yet to be determined. I am to try physical therapy for 4-6, but if that doesn’t make a difference, I will need surgery. this means no running for 12 weeks (at a minimum – that’sjust an estimate).
So the workouts are going to be run-free for quite a little bit. I’m looking at hiking, yoga and swimming. I’m much calmer about this than I was last week (my weigh-in post got lost in the tantrum last week). So we’ll see how it goes.
Never a dull moment around here!
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