Weigh In (sort of) Wednesday

Button_zpsr3unay6jI’m a day late with this – scheduling issues with running and stormy weather. But the good news is that I am down 2 to 167!

A big part of my success so far has been biting the bullet and subscribing to eMeals’ low carb plan (I’m doing a post later with all the plans I reviewed, but I settled on eMeals).

It is soooo nice to just print out a shopping list and print out the menu plan for the week and not have to send anything though energy on what’s for dinner! That alone is worth the money (which is not a lot, I think I ended up paying $60 for a one-year membership).

So far Husband is handling the low-carb meals just fine – last ngiht we had steak and salad, which is difficult to complain about (although he told Son he’d sneak out one night and get them loaded baked potatoes).

Height: 5’7
SW: 174
Last Week: 169
This week: 167
Change: -2
Total Loss: -7
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