3 Apps to Plan Safe Bike Routes

I live in a small Texas town, so bike commuting to do errands is a very tempting way to workout and hone the ‘to-do’ list at the same time. However, I really don’t want to ride on our 6-lane road through town – I’d like to take the quiet back streets. Being a car driver I’m not that familiar with the back streets though – where do I start?

Ah, technology to the rescue – there’s an app for that! Here’s a few apps to get you on a safe fitness route:

1) Bike Maps (IOS, Android, Windows Phone). Search by keyword or address for destinations to plan biking routes. $1.99

2) New Route (IOS, Android, Windows Phone). Lets you plan routes for cycling, walking, running, or driving. You can plan your route via search or by tapping start points and end points on the map. The app will also tell you distance covered by your route. Free

3) Route Planner (IOS, Android, Windows Phone). This app accounts for changes in elevation when planning your run, bike ride or car trip. It also allows you to plan for intermediate stops and to send your routes to your contacts. 0.99

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